Roy Masters served in the British Army in 1946, almost a year AFTER World
War II ended in 1945.

Roy Masters was born in 1928.
He was 11 when the UK was attacked in 1939.
He had just turned 17 around VE Day when the war ended in 1945.

At 18 he was drafted into the British Army in 1946 and never was involved in
war of any kind. That makes him a "Post-War Veteran."

All veterans of both the U.S. Army and the British Army always stand ready to
defend Democracy whether they are actually involved in a war or helping to
supply those that are affected by war in getting on their feet again. They both
deserve praise for their service.

However, Roy Masters and FHU are suddenly trying to make you believe that
Roy Masters was an active participant in the fighting during World War II--which
he was not. Roy did not storm the beaches at Normandy or suffer through the
intolerable desert conditions of North Africa.

Roy's non-World War II participation was never even mentioned once in the last
50 years on the radio. All of a sudden he is a World War II veteran.

This is their newest public relations campaign to try and cover up 50 years of
Roy denigrating and degrading women and calling them "whores" and

The man who likes to quote from George Orwell's "1984" is using the same
techniques used by Big Brother: Rewrite The Past.

Roy--have some respect for the men who died fighting during World War II--and
refer to yourself as a "Post War Veteran" and stop making people assume that
you were there on the front lines when the fate of the world was in jeopardy.