Right-Winged Radio Religious Cult Leader Roy Masters Involved In A Vicious Family
Feud in Oregon.

Oregon-based right-winged religious radio cult leader Roy Masters is suing his own
sons who have been trying to take over control of the family's church organization,
FHU, the Foundation of Human Understanding.

Different family members have aligned against each other in what has become a legal
battle that includes the aging Masters being recently arrested for bringing a loaded
weapon to the family's broadcast studios and menacing and threatening an employee.

The situation pits Roy, his sons Alan and Micheal and his daughter Diana, against his
other two sons David and Mark.

David and Mark, who are or were members of the board of directors claim that they
held a legal meeting in which they removed father Roy from the organization and made
themselves the new President, Vice President and directors. In a signed bankruptcy
statement under penalty of law, David Masters called his father, “non-mentos compos,”
a term meaning insane. David and Mark also filed new papers with the State of Oregon
in which they declare themselves the new controlling members of FHU.

Roy Masters contends that Mark and David had no authority to do any of this and he is
still the top officer and executive, and that he fired them both from the FHU board back
in 2016.
Roy just sued to stop the Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization process.
A court has agreed that that the “meeting” was done illegally and Roy is still in charge.
Although the bankruptcy part was dismissed, the sons are using all legal means to
continue to deal with the chaos and illegal acts by dad which they say have jeopardized

Masters, 90, who has now been arrested five times in his life, claims that his own sons
tried to shut down his radio show.

Masters moved the family business from Los Angeles to Grants Pass, Oregon in the
late 70's, which resulted in total chaos in the tiny town as Masters called on thousands
of his listeners to relocate there as well. As they started to make a real impact on the
community, long-time locals got together to make them as unwelcome as possible.
Masters who kept telling his listeners that Grants Pass was “the only place that would
be safe after a nuclear explosion. It is in the way it is geographically situated.,” sued the
state of Oregon for a billion dollars claiming he was being singled out and harassed.

In addition to creating an extensive ranch retreat in nearby Selma where he could hold
paid seminars for guests from all over the U.S., he started a K-12 school and
maintained an office complex in Grants Pass. He later started a local radio station, a
radio network which has recently gone out of business, and bought up real estate all
over the county.

Obtaining donations, gifts, probate estates and other contributions, the man who has
thousands of times begged the radio audience to “send me money” and claims
constantly “We have no money. I will not be able to continue broadcasting past next
week” has amassed millions of dollars in cash, businesses and property.

The amount has been unknown because of FHU's legal status not requiring them to
disclose the information to the public. But a bankruptcy filing by son David Masters,
who now considers himself the President of FHU reveals some startling numbers.

*FHU owns $35 (Thirty Five) million in real and personal property.
*This includes $6 million in U.S. Bank and $2 million in other banks.
*The Tall Timber Ranch is worth $3 million.
*The school property Brighton Academy in Grants Pass is worth $3 million.
*There is $8 million in trusts and estates.
*There is $400,000. worth of broadcasting equipment
*Roy Masters has control of $600,000 worth of gold, guns, jewels and autos.
*In 2015, 2016 and 2017, the following amounts were donated to FHU:
 $800,000, $600,000 and $400,000.

Masters, who called President Obama and Democrats “Communists” hundreds of times
during that administration, spent two years almost daily frightening people by saying
that Obama was
going to cancel all mid-term elections. When that never happened, he acted as if he
never said anything to begin with. He then spent a year almost daily saying that Obama
was going to declare martial law, stay in office and not allow a new President to come
in. “I have special information on this,” he regularly claimed. He topped all of this by
saying dozens of times that the government was “getting ready to murder 25 million

His well established hatred of women is well documented as for many years he stated
“All women are whores” and “All women are prostitutes.” As late as 2016 he stated “It
would be better that women never been given the right to vote.” His mantra, "Women
are the Cause of all the Misery and Suffering on Earth" has been at the center of his
philosophy.  He called Princess Diana a “whore” the day after she died. He has spent
decades disparaging his own wife on air and CBS News did a major story on him after
two men were inspired to kidnap their own children and runaway with them to get them
away from their “evil” mothers. He regularly has bullied women callers on air,
admonishing them with what is wrong with them psychologically and spiritually,
although he has no qualifications to do so.

Although he never went past 8th grade and has no education, certificates or training in
counseling or psychology, he found a way around this by declaring himself a “minister”
with his own church. Most states allow ministers to counsel their brethren which he
considers his radio audience.

Four of his five children never completed high school with the exception of Mark who
graduated from the school his father started in Grants Pass. Although Masters
proclaims on the air, “Don't ever give anybody a cent to start a business. Let them go
out and dig ditches,” he gave his children hundreds of thousands of dollars from
contributors to start businesses and buy homes. Questioned about his hypocrisy in this
matter, Masters has responded, “I give them opportunities.”

Roy has a string of arrests throughout his life. They include assaulting his uncle,
assaulting his wife, practicing medicine without a license, lying on a conceal carry
permit application that he had never been arrested before and the most recent incident
last year when he stormed his family's radio offices with a loaded weapon and made
threats. Mark Masters was recently arrested a second time for domestic violence.
Despite this, Roy has said thousands of times that his meditation will allow you to
control your emotions.

David's further claims, include serious financial improprieties against his father:

*Roy Masters has concealed other FHU assets.
*Roy Masters never paid approx. $500,000. owed to employees, contractors and others.
*FHU owes another $190,000 in federal taxes and $30,000 in state taxes.
*Roy Masters looted the organization which includes $5 million in profits made from the
sale of a local shopping center. He says when Roy Masters was asked where that
money was, he responded “I Don't Know.”
*Financial records from previous years have been replaced by newly constructed

Masters has been trying to soften his reputation and image over the last few years.

A big campaign was enacted by FHU which pays tribute to “Roy Masters—a World War
2 Veteran.”
However, Masters was drafted in the UK when he was 18—one complete year after
World War 2 ended. He spent his stint posting and repairing fences. He never mentions
that he is really a Post WW2 veteran.

For 50 Years he has promoted his own brand of meditation. “I have the only cure for
PTSD” “I am the inventor of the cure for PTSD” he has boasted thousands of times and
claims that veterans everywhere are all being cured because of him. FHU insinuates
that Roy Masters meditation is recognized and authorized by the U.S. Government.
Although the U.S. Government recognizes the ancient art of meditation and treatment
for veterans through their work with the David Lynch Foundation, they have never
authorized, recognized or associated themselves in any way with Roy Masters and

Roy has a Facebook page. He says that “100 Million People” will be watching his
live broadcasts there. The page states the following about him:
“Roy Masters is a veteran of the second world war who has solved the problem of an
entire range of psychiatric problems including post-traumatic stress disorder with a
simple observation technique.”

David Masters says that he filed for FHU bankruptcy so that a reorganization can be
implemented, all creditors paid and the organization can comply with all violations of the
law initiated by Roy Masters. He also says he is moving the entire FHU operation to
California because that is where 90% of the donations and contributed estates come