The other night when you shamelessly begged
for money for 30 minutes, you said you need $20 Million in order
to properly get your message across. While
you reminded us that this was “not a political show,” you
continued to discuss politics, as you claimed to know more than the President, world leaders and just
about everybody else who makes political decisions. And you insisted you need $20 million to efficiently
make sure you are heard by the entire nation.
You would like people to think that you are a sweet little
old man in a rocking chair who is the preacher at a quaint
little country church, barely making ends meet with
the modest stipend you are living on.

Here is how you can raise the $20 million so you can
set the nation straight:
1. Cash in all personal and business property owned
by Roy Masters, his sons and daughter and the Foundation of Human Understanding. This would include
millions of
dollars in beautiful expensive homes in numerous locations, a ranch, commercial property including an
entire block in
Grants Pass, Oregon, other business property and numerous
holdings including dozens of vehicles.

2. Sell the many businesses owned by Roy Masters and
his family, including real estate companies, a
publishing company and a radio network which is profiting by the
distribution of the “Mancow” show, which is--after Howard Stern--
the most lewd, pornographic, vile and immoral show on
the radio. Which you conveniently just look the other way about.

3. Just ask good ole “Mr. W” for a few million.
You’ve done it before and he’s always willing to share.

4. Cash in those Swiss bank accounts.
Very important people told me all about those secret accounts of yours many years ago.