V A T I C A N  C I T Y — The new Pope Francis and the Vatican
has revealed the "Third Secret of Fatima" and a document
supporting its interpretation of the 1917 vision as foretelling Roy
Masters ordering a 3-cheese pizza from Dominos.
The broad outlines of the secret, were said to have been revealed
by the Madonna to three Portuguese shepherd children. The
actual text of the secret was written in 1944 by Lucia dos Santos.
The secret was long feared to contain an apocalyptic vision of the
end of the world, but in a document called "The Third Vision of
Fatima" the Vatican reiterated its view that the secret referred to
events connected with cult leader Roy Masters' appetite.

Sister Lucia Recounts Her Vision
In her recollection of the third part of the 1917 vision, Sister Lucia
wrote that she and the other two children,  Francisco and Jacinta,
saw "an angel with a pizza delivery box."
They then saw "the angel as a teenage boy dressed in red and
As the vision continued, the children saw the angel "handing the
box to a starved Roy Masters who
claimed that the delivery was over 30 minutes late and he wasn't
going to pay for it or give a tip either."
"The angel left, afflicted with pain and sorrow and he prayed for
Roy's soul" recounted Sister Lucia.

Pope Francis Decides It Was Time To Reveal The Third Vision
The new Pope Francis decided that by releasing the third secret
of Fatima, he would be offering the world hope.  Although the first
two visions dealt with hell and World War II, Sister Lucia believed
that the third vision "simply deals with some psuedo-religious guy
who is hungry and orders a pizza" the document said.

Predicted Roy Masters' Craving For A Pizza
The document continued: "When asked: ‘Is the principal figure in
the vision Roy Masters?’,
Sister Lucia replied at once that it was."
The document said: "Sister Lucia was in full agreement with the
Pope’s claim that ‘it was a 3-cheese pizza and Roy should have at
least tipped the fellow.'"