Roy, if you are going to use an event from
U.S. History to try and make a point, then
PLEASE know what you are talking about.
Your description of The First Battle Of Bull Run
was just preposterous!

"Have you ever heard of the Battle of Bull Run?"
"The Battle of Bull Run...the Confederates
and the Union were expected to make peace."
There was never any intentions
for the North and South to make
peace. They both came out to
fight the first major battle of the
Civil War. The North figured one
good battle would demonstrate to
the South that they had no chance
of standing up against their
untested but superior militia
and equipment.

"And everybody there in front of the Capitol Building
I believe it was right there in Washington"
It was 25 miles South of Washington
D.C. in Manassas Junction, Virginia
That is why the South calls it First

"The people came out to have a picnic. So
thousands of people were celebrating peace. And
Everybody expected everything to be normal.
They expected the Union and the Confederates
to shake hands."
Average Northern citizens came out with
picnic baskets to watch this entertainment event. They did not come to
watch peace. They came to watch the North decimate the South.
Admission was free.

"Without warning the Confederates charged."
The Union Army attacked first.

"The citizens who were having a picnic were
in the way. And they pushed the Union people
against the Union soldiers and it was a
catastrophe. Thousands of citizens died.
And the Union was devastated."
No citizens died.  At first the Union was
in control and defeating the Confederates.
Later on when the South turned everything
around and was defeating the North, the
shocked citizens grabbed their picnic baskets
and got the hell out of there.

Roy then compared what happened at Bull Run
to the big surprise that is awaiting all Americans
and his belief that they are not prepared for it.

It might have made a nice analogy if Roy's
facts weren't all wrong.

Let me add to your Bull Run trivia Roy.
Approx. 800 Union and Confederate soldiers
total died. There were about 5,000 total
military casualties including dead, injured, missing
and captured.

One of the reasons the Union ran away was
the introduction of the "Rebel Yell," a
high-pitched scream used by the South as
they turned around and attacked the North.
Nobody had ever heard anything like it
before and it scared them away.

Roy, I promise not to quote scripture out of my head
if you promise not to make up U.S. History out of
wherever that came.