According to insiders at FHU, Roy Masters has died and was quickly
replaced by a look-a-like.

The unnamed source says, "We all knew that people would stop
sending their donations if only David was left to do the broadcasts
and host the seminars," so a decision was made to immediately find
a look-a-like for Roy.

"In Brighton, we found an English ex-Vaudevillian music hall performer
who sounds just like Roy. We just showed him examples of what he
has to say and do and I think we've fooled everybody."

Apparently, the Roy impostor even pulled one over on Steve and
Vicki, a devoted Roybot couple who have attended Roy's Sunday
sermons every week with out fail for 30 years.
"Roy was in a really jovial mood this morning," said Steve.
"He kept telling jokes about performing on the streets of Brighton
while air raids were sounded in 1940...It was really weird."

The FHU spokesman says that they can go on doing this for the next
50 years at least.