Masters accuses sons of trying to take over church

By Shaun Hall of the Daily Courier
Shedding light on his arrest six weeks ago, talk radio guru Roy
Masters is suing two of his sons, alleging they're trying to take over his
Foundation of Human Understanding.
In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Josephine County Circuit Court, Masters
is seeking an injunction against Mark Masters and David Masters as
well as a third person, Michael Lofrano.
Masters said the dispute is over who is legally entitled to sit on the
board of directors of the foundation, which he calls a church.
He claims the defendants are attempting to seize control of the
foundation and its assets.
The dispute was linked to Masters' arrest on Sept. 29 at the Talk
Radio Network of Central Point.
Police there said they arrested Masters after a dispute over
unspecified property escalated, and a weapon was involved.
An unspecified family member also was involved, police said. Further
details were not released at the time, and to date no charges have
been filed by prosecutors in Jackson County, where Central Point is
Talk Radio Network traces its roots back to KOPE-FM radio, which was
founded by Masters in the early 1990s.
In a brief interview by phone Thursday, Masters told the Daily Courier
he was seriously ill prior to the incident and still is not fully recovered,
but that he went to network offices to keep from being taken off the air.
He stated that the Talk Radio Network offices belong to the
foundation. He confirmed he was armed and struggled with a person
there. He said, however, the gun was never out of its holster.
He said the locks had been changed and that he had been locked out,
but that an employee let him in and the confrontation ensued. The
person he confronted then left and police showed up, he said, adding
that Mark Masters was present.
"I had to go down there because they decided to take me off the air,"
he said. "I couldn't allow that."
He said the network has since been broadcasting recordings of his old
The Jackson County District Attorney 's Office said a misdemeanor
charge is pending delivery to the court. Court records indicate
Masters is 89. He told the Courier he is 90.
Mark Masters, listed in Oregon Corporation Division records as
network manager of Talk Radio Network, could not be reached for
Masters was a British citizen and professional hypnotist who came to
the United States in 1949 and eventually developed a method of
meditation and a philosophy of life that espoused self-reliance and a
deep disavowal of government.
In 1961 he opened the Foundation of Human Understanding in Los
Angeles, then moved to Josephine County in the late 1970s, setting
up new headquarters at Tall Timbers Ranch outside Selma.
He fought a lengthy legal battle with the county over tax-exempt
status. The courts eventually declared the foundation a church, and
therefore tax-exempt.