Roy came on the air with a new INSANE

He says that two angry men came to his
house to collect some money from him and
one of them was a 6 foot 3 mad monster
who was intentionally brought with to
intimidate him. Roy continued that he could
have hypnotized them on the spot and put
them into a trance, but instead he calmly
wrote out a check. Roy, you are INSANE.

Maybe Roy, if you and your sons would stop
trying to cheat people out of money that you
owe them, they would not find it necessary
to bring with angry "enforcers" to insure that
they get the money owed to them.

Just like when 21 years ago, you and your
sons tried to cheat me out of money you
owed me for writing celebrity interviews for
your New Dimensions Magazine.

Instead of telling me "We never had
anything to do with New Dimensions
Magazine," you should have become
"HYPNOMAN" and on the spot, put me into
a trance and hypnotized me into thinking
" never had anything to do with
New Dimensions Magazine...You owe me
no money."
Instead, because of your
unethical behavior, you've had 15 years of 24 hours a day.


  Apparently, you people never learn.