A woman named Gisela with great sadness in her voice called Roy. She claimed that she was
“having a hard time coping” with the fact that her husband had just passed away. After asking the
woman if she had his CD and finding out that she had his meditation tape…Roy commented, “It’s
only natural to grieve. To grieve for a month or a couple of months, but it will go away and you will
learn to live your life. The only thing that will become depressing and dangerous is if you resent
not having him.” Gisela stated that she didn’t think she resents him now for dying, but admits that
she did when he was alive--because of their need for each other.

ROY: “You have a terrible need for your husband, not to love him, but to hate him. He’s a love-
hate object. You love to hate. You need him and it’s not healthy. You don’t love your husband. You
only miss him because, since he isn’t there, you have to look at yourself. You have to look at your
own miserable self. Did you know that if the world was perfect, nobody could stand themselves. We
all need someone to hate, to divert away from our own guilts. Sorry about that. None of us are as
nice as we think we are. If the world would suddenly become perfect, most people couldn’t stand
themselves. If everything goes too well in the household, they throw a monkey wrench in the works,
they have to cause something to go wrong so they can get upset. They have an addiction to being
angry. To divert their attention away from what’s wrong with their own lives, by looking at what’s
more wrong with somebody else. That’s the way human beings are, sorry to say. Those that think
of themselves as human. They’re not really human at all. And you’re certainly not. You’re a foolish
old woman. That’s what you are. And it’s about time you looked at it. And not be angry because I
told you. You’re a foolish old woman. And if you’re not careful, you’ll die and go to hell. I’m sorry,
but you’re a bitter woman. And by your own admission, you resented him while he was alive and
now you’re moaning and groaning because he’s gone because you think you’re missing him and…
no you don’t miss him, you don’t miss him for the right reason. You don’t miss him cause you loved
him, you miss the hate object. To divert you from your own miserable existence. You set him up to
fail all your life. And now he’s walked out on you. And then you’re too ugly to find another guy. Who
wants you now? Serves you right. If you can take that like a woman and not be upset with me, you
might get better. That’s the truth.
And I don’t mean to be mean. But it’s the truth. I don’t hear you complaining. Gotta go now. Bye.”
“Sorry, but what can you do? You gotta be brutally truthful sometimes. How many people got angry
just now? Hands up. How many people are so angry that they can’t call me? You should be angry,
if you think I did something wrong just now, you call me. Wanna know why you can’t call me? A-
Because you haven’t got courage. B-You want to hold a judgement against me.

US: ”MR. MASTERS, THIS IS WHERE I DISAGREE WITH YOU… It is obvious that this woman was
in great need. She needed an understanding and compassionate person to help her at this point
in her life. What you did was inhumane. If we hear about a woman named Gisela committing
suicide, we’ll know whom to blame. If you were a licensed psychologist you would lose your license
after doing what you did here. But you are not. The things you said to her were just horrible. You
could have stopped after discussing the grieving process. That would have been enough. But you
didn’t. You decided to take advantage of her weakened state and demonstrate your bravado in
order to bolster your own ego, in front of what you knew would be a shocked audience. If you
thought we would all be impressed by your behavior--we were not. We would have been impressed
with somebody who used great kindness and understanding in this particular situation. If I were
you, knowing I might be going into life or death surgery, I would be praying and begging for
forgiveness for what I did to this woman.Roy, what you did to Gisela was not only cruel--it was
horrifying, disgusting and inhumane. She called you in hopes of finding a way to come to terms
with her husband's death. Gisela spoke to you for exactly one minute. You ripped her apart with
your "schoolyard bully" tactics. You couldn't control your misogynist psycho-babble. It was the most
hateful tirade I've ever heard on the radio. And YOU are a man who claims to receive guidance
from Jesus. It's obvious you're trying to copy the hate-filled techniques used by "Dr." Laura
Schlesinger--a woman who is as grubby, shrill and low-class as you are. The only difference
between Schlesinger and you is...she's wealthier and has a larger audience for her circus act.
Your hatred for women is pathetic. It's obviously due to a serious problem you had with your
mother when you were a young boy. You decided at a very early age to hate ALL women--and
your hatred has turned you into a monster. I feel pity for you. I also have contempt and disgust!
You childishly and irrationally told Gisela that she is "too ugly" to find another husband. Roy, YOU
are the ugly one..spiritually and emotionally.