In what can only be described as a sign from the heavens, a Grants
Pass roybot couple believe that an image of Roy has appeared on
an egg salad sandwich!
     The roybot husband, Steve, was just about to devour the
delicious sandwich, when the roybot wife, Vicki, suddenly
screamed, "Don't Eat It!"
     "I couldn't imagine what came over her," said a startled Steve.
"Then suddenly we both saw it there! Some of the egg salad which
had covered a portion of the bread, was clearly the face of our
great leader, Roy Masters."
     "I began to cry," said Vickibot, "and then both Steve and I began
to experience a religious transformation--right there on the kitchen
     The couple says that they are going to have the sandwich
preserved and "powdercoated" by a local Grants Pass business so
it can be included in the hallway closet shrine they already had built
for worshipping Roy.